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Internet services and other Work stuff

(also known as the "why I don't have any spare time" section :-)


I am Managing Director of Sublime IP Pty Ltd. Sublime IP (formerly known as JustNet) is a family-owned Internet services business based in Australia. JustNet, and the somewhat related DIALix (Australia's first commercial ISP) have been keeping me busy in various ways since 1992.

One of the things I enjoy most about my work relates to our domain name registration business GoDomains and the opportunities this gives to deal with people all over the world.

What did an early ISP look like?

Check out this behind the scenes glimpse at the workings of an Internet Service Provider from the early 1990s. At the time there were only a handful of ISPs in Australia, and one of them, DIALix, is shown here.

Contact Info

Phone +61 2 9948 8888 (AEST) Fax at +61 2 9948 1111 or email at web2013@justin.justnet.com.au (PGP available if needed).

Eat, drink and be merry

Herbs Eat, Drink and be Merry
One of my favourite "foods" is fresh herbs. Also, try a few of my favourite recipes or enjoy a cocktail.

Marine Environment

I have maintained various fish tanks over the years, with salt water tanks being the most interesting (but also expensive and time-consuming).

I enjoy visiting aquariums around the world - particularly reef tanks. Browse through my Marine Images Gallery for a look at some exotic marine life.

See my salt-water aquarium page for marine life in my lounge room. See also my brother Max's Marine Aquarium page for some great photos of some of the sea life from around Manly in Sydney, Australia.

I also love snorkelling whenever I get the chance (and particularly when the water is warm!) Sydney has some amazing snorkelling spots that still surprise me sometimes.

Northern Beaches

Check out some of (Northern) Sydney's Coastline with my quick virtual trip from Sydney Harbour to the Northern Beaches. See also northernbeaches.com which is currently being constructed (well, actually nothing has changed for years, but the idea is still there.)

Dubbo Zoo

A Virtual Tour of Dubbo Western Plains Zoo

Wondering whether the five hour drive from Sydney is worth it? Here's the piccys to prove it!

Australian Culture

Check out some Australian poetry and song lyrics such as A Bush Christening by Banjo Paterson or Australiana by Austen Tayshus.

Sydney loves to party, and what is a big party without fireworks? I have lots of pictures from popular Austrlian events such as the New Year's Eve fireworks on Sydney harbour (1998).

Water Water
Some watery places I like around Sydney.

Money Money & Finance
Links and other information about financial matters.

Video Video
Sexy video cameras and digital video information.

Things I do for pleasure

See a Summary of the World for a sombre reminder of where we live.

Or for a little light relief, check out the glove joke (potentially offensive!).

Here is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House by night, probably Australia's most photographed icons.

Sydney Harbour by night

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